Cross-border transactions between the US and Asia can be a source of enormous shareholder wealth creation if conducted properly — particularly deals done between the US and Japan. In fact, while many U.S. businesses are scrambling to cash in on the China boom, we quietly introduce many of our clients to the boardrooms of a much larger and more sophisticated marketplace, one nearly overlooked in the US today: Japan.

Because of our significant relationships with large Japanese blue-chip corporations, we excel at structuring elegant cross-border transactions including non-equity based alliances (distributorships, licensee agreements, OEM deals), developing and acquiring wholly owned subsidiaries, and forming joint-ventures, including those utilizing company split transactions, share-for-share exchanges, as well as structures only recently allowed by the METI Law on Special Measures for Industrial Revitalization.

There has never been a time to consider your options for expansion like there is today. Why not let us identify your opportunities and create a plan you can execute?

For U.S. entrepreneurs we provide:

For Japanese entrepreneurs we provide:

With over a century of combined business practice, outstanding academic credentials and impressive experience in international negotiation, fund raising, investment and operations, we continuously hone our skills to seek out best practices to deliver you the optimal outcome. When you engage our firm to help you reach your goals, you deal only with principals and are never passed off to junior varsity.

If that sounds right to you, then don’t let your opportunity fail by trying to go it alone. Let us find the right structure to get you where you really want to be!

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