Actium Ventures is a private San Francisco based firm that invests in and advises growing U.S. and Japanese companies. We were founded in January of 2005 with a very specific mission: to become the most highly recognized and capable advisory firm in the Japan-U.S. transaction corridor.

Actium Ventures is involved in a diverse range of businesses including mobile and software technologies, media and entertainment, real estate, energy, aerospace and defense, healthcare, consumer retail products, financial services, and infrastructure. While our range of expertise may be broad, our market focus is quite narrow, as we prefer to engage principally in businesses that operate or hold some ownership structure within the United States and Japan.

We believe tremendous untapped commercial opportunities exist between Japan and the US. This conviction is based on an analysis of the staggering size of these two markets as well as upon the interest both countries have in expanding commerce, sharing and jointly capitalizing on complementary expertise, products, technologies, and learning new and different methods of achieving high results.

Actium Ventures enjoys an ever-expanding role among US and Japanese companies that have asked the question: “How can we prudently expand our business across the Pacific and find a way to enjoy profitable operations in Japan (for US companies) or the US (for Japanese companies)?”

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