William J. Feid
Telephone: (415) 277-2271
Facsimile: (415) 391-0303 

Mr. Feid has a broad reaching background in founding and developing entrepreneurial ventures on a global scale. Functioning as the key partner in the founding of Pacific Rim Partners, LLC in January 2005, Mr. Feid provided the formation capital, recruited key members of the team and secured a majority of its portfolio clients.

Mark Campbell
Telephone: (415) 277-2270
Facsimile: (415) 391-0303

Prior to joining the team, Mark was a tax partner at Ernst & Young and before that with Arthur Anderson & Co. Beginning his career in Chicago, he worked in London and most recently in New York.

William F. Miller
Telephone: (650) 724-6404
Facsimile: (650) 723-6530

Professor William F. Miller has carried out research on atomic and nuclear physics, computer graphic systems and languages, computer systems architecture, and the computer industry. His current research interests are on industrial development with special interest in local and regional industrial development, the evolution of regions of innovation and entrepreneurship, the “habitat” for entrepreneurship, and the globalization of R&D.


Robert Eberhart
Telephone: (650) 315-8603
Facsimile: (650) 723-6530  

Robert Eberhart is a Partner at Actium Ventures, a San Francisco based investment firm where he is responsible for initiating, closing, and managing a portfolio of investments focusing on Japan. Mr. Eberhart is also a Research Fellow at Stanford’s Program on Regions of Innovation and Entrepreneurship where he brings 20 years of entrepreneurial experience to the class room.

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